Savannah Hilton DeSoto:

“A new lease on life.”

The Challenge

Seven year old case goods and they looked it. The original finish had worn off and raw wood showed underneath along the front edge of the long, 7-ft decorative table, used as the TV stand and display area. Overall, the finish looked faded and unsightly. The rest of the room furniture was noticeably worn and scratched, though not to the extent of the table.


CGR took case goods that were 7 years old and gave us a new lease on their life. They were professional, polite, and did what they promised to do.

Kevin Brockway

General Manager

The Solution

Along the front edge of the desk CGR technicians had to strip off layers of previously applied stains and polys that had flaked off or become tacky. The edge was then re-colored to match the original wood finish, and top coated with multiple layers of hardened clear coats.

The rest of the furniture, especially the high-wear edges, were re-colored to match the original finish, and clear coats applied. All the room furniture was returned to like-new condition.


The Cost

All room furniture was refurbished to like-new condition for less than $150/room.