Hilton Oceanfront Virginia Beach:

 “High traffic, vacation resort.”

The Challenge

Falling QA scores by year three, with significant QA problems by year 5. This is a very high-occupancy, heavy-wear hotel that sees high beach/vacationer traffic every year. Engineering department attempted to take care of the worst problems, but the problem was too vast for them to solve in-house. Standard industry “solutions” using stain pens, stain applied by hand, and one-step polys only added to the problem.

CGR has for years given us excellent service, improved our QA scores, extended the life of our furniture, and eliminated many, many headaches for us. They stand by their work; I can count on them. They are a regular part of our budget.

Andy Callihan

Director of Engineering, Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront

The Solution

CGR took very worn and scratched case goods, made them like new, and for the last 5 years the condition score on furniture has been in the mid-90s, as high as it was year one.

The Cost

CGR maintains the rooms at a new-look, high QA level, every year, for less than $100/room.