Hampton Inn and Suites, Chesapeake and Norfolk:

“Don’t replace that desk!”

The Challenge

In two hotels, very bad QA scores relating to condition of case goods, in particular the writing desks. The front of every the desk was deeply scored with many scratches, being repeatedly damaged by the arm of the desk chair. The desk chairs had been changed, but every desk was severely damaged and was going to have to be replaced. The rest of the room furniture was in bad condition with scratching visible throughout the room.

Over a year ago CGR restored our room furniture to like new condition. Today, the finish they put on the furniture looks as good as it did a year ago.

Clifford Weber

General Manager, Hampton Inn & Suites Chesapeake/Battlefield Blvd


At first, engineering attempted to use stain pens and wiped on stain to cover the problem. This did not improve QA scores. Next brown paint was used in many rooms to paint the front of the desks. This also did not improve QA scores.

The Solution

CGR restored all the room furniture, including the desk, to like-new condition.

The Cost

CGR refinished every desk and all the high-wear areas throughout the room, including minor touch up, for less than $150/room.


The Cost Take 2:

Eighteen months later we came back and touched up new scratches on all the furniture and applied more top coats to high-wear edges for about 1/2 of the original cost.