Four hotel solution for Global Hospitality:

“It took over a year before our value was known.”

The Challenge

A small, four hotel group in Virginia Beach and Norfolk had room furniture in sub-standard condition in all its properties. Some furniture was too damaged or too outdated to keep and had to be replaced. But most of the furniture was in good shape structurally, and just needed a new look.

The Challenge Take 2:

After doing a sample room in one of the hotels, the ownership opted for another vendor that offered a lower price. This vendor’s work wore off in matter of a few months. After a year, the sample room we had done looked as good as the day we had finished it. The ownership group called us back, realizing that with CGR they were getting a truly long-term solution.

CGR really worked with us. Our limited budget but extensive need was a big problem. They solved it for us. We’re very pleased at the transformation in our hotels.

Matt Sereby

VP Operations

The Solution

CGR took all four hotels on as a package deal—resulting in some unusual economies of scale. This efficiency enabled us to lower our normal pricing a bit.

The Cost

Per room/suite pricing for less than $100 across all four properties.