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Q: How much does your refinishing cost, and are there any other costs?

Our standard refinishing costs run between 4%-8% of the replacement cost of the case goods. This typically includes standard hotel furniture pieces such as:

  • Dresser
  • Entertainment unit
  • Desks
  • Nightstands
  • Headboards

For rooms or suites with more furniture, the pricing is adjusted upwards. To get a quote fill out the form on our Contact Us page and we’ll get back to within 48 hours.

Q: Will the smell of harsh or toxic chemicals remain in the room?
No! Case Goods Refinishing uses environmentally friendly, odorless coatings. Our coloring coats and clear coats are Greenguard certified for indoor air quality, with very low VOCs. There will be no lingering chemical smell in the room when we release it for use.
Q: What is your downtime for refinishing a room? Will we lose inventory of rooms for guest use?
We promise rapid turnaround—all the rooms we work on in a given day are returned to inventory the same day. With our odorless solutions, guest rooms can be released back into hotel inventory usually within two hours from the moment we apply our final coat. The processes that we’ve developed over the years include daily accounting of progress and dynamic feedback to local management, which has enabled us to develop a refinishing process that works seamlessly in even the busiest hotel.
Q: How many rooms per day can you refinish?
Typically, we refinish between 10 and 20 rooms per day. We could complete more, but this number is usually the standard based on practical considerations of hotel occupancy rates.
Q. What are my options for refinishing our case goods and public area furniture?
You basically have three options: 1. You can choose to handle your furniture refinishing needs using your engineering staff or touch up vendors who provide short term solutions. 2. You can replace some or all of the pieces of furniture at a high cost. 3. You can choose Case Good Refinishing. We provide like-new, long-term refinishing work for roughly 6% of the replacement cost.
Q: Why don’t stain pens, stains, and one-step polys that other vendors and engineers have used last very long?

Stain pens have their uses but they have virtually no bonding capability. On their own, they can temporarily color a scratch, but that color will soon be wiped away. On high-wear edges like the front edge desks and nightstands, where housekeeping wipes and cleans every day, this solution will quickly get wiped away.

Stain solutions are even worse than stain pens because the pigments in stains are meant to be applied to raw wood. Since finished furniture is sealed, stain pigments can only lie on the surface and can be easily be wiped off. Also, applying stains to furniture usually does not improve the overall look and covers the piece in dark splotches of mismatched stain color.

One-step polys rarely match the original stain and inevitably begin to flake, peel, or get “tacky” to the touch within a matter of months. It’s a short term solution, and not a good one at that.

Q: Is Case Goods Refinishing a franchise? How do you make sure your quality is uniform?
Case Goods Refinishing is a privately owned company—not a franchise. We have always placed a premium on thorough, quality training. We do not release a technician into the field until he has gone through many months of hands-on Case Goods Refinishing specialty training with an experienced technician.
Q: You say your work is guaranteed. What does that mean?
Once you’ve signed our Agreement and scheduled a date for service, our crew will show up and complete one day’s worth of work. At the end of that day, you or your representative will inspect our work and determine if you are pleased with our quality—that we are in fact delivering what we promised. In the unlikely event you are not pleased (it’s never happened), we will pack up and return home with no charge to you for the work. We are willing to take this risk because we stand behind our work with pride and can promise long-lasting, quality, beautiful refinishing.
Q: Does Case Goods Refinishing do custom cabinet work or other woodworking?
No, we do not provide custom cabinet work or other woodworking. We have developed a core business of refinishing your case goods and public area wood furniture. This is our specialty and our services are better, faster, and more cost-effective than anyone in the industry. For custom woodwork, we suggest you contact a local artisan.

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