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How would you benefit from having your wood furniture brought back to like-new condition?

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The best, most cost-effective solution for on-site refinishing of case goods and public area wood furniture in the United States’ hospitality industry.

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General Hotel Managers and Local Management

General hotel managers and local management

  • Have you been marked down on QAs because of the condition of your case goods or public area furniture?
  • How does the current condition of your furniture negatively affect your Guest Satisfaction scores?
  • Are you relying upon stain pens and other short term “solutions” for your furniture condition problems?

We have your solution!

hotel owners and management company executives

Hotel owners and management company executives

  • What if you could put off a large capital expenditure for new furniture indefinitely while keeping the brand happy with the quality and condition of your existing furniture?
  • How would it be a benefit to your bottom line to keep the furniture in your hotels looking like new?

We can help!

 hotel brand executives

Hotel brand executives

  • How does scratched and worn furniture affect your guest’s experience?
  • How would you benefit from having like-new furniture in your hotels?
  • What if you could recommend to your franchisees a professional solution for their case goods conditions?

We make you look good.

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Professional Affordable Solutions

On-site refinishing of case goods, restaurant, and public wood furniture.

Long term solution, not a quick-fix to get past the next QA inspection.

CGR High Wear™ furniture finish wears better and lasts longer than the original factory finish.

We transform any room of case goods to like-new condition for typically $95 to $175 per room.

Odor-free, same day return of rooms to circulation the same day.

We are not a franchise. We provide consistent professional quality.

Green Guard certified products for indoor use. We are a Green solution.

See For Yourself

In all these examples the wood furniture was structurally sound. What made them unacceptable for continued hotel use was the cosmetic damage sustained by the wearing away of the original finish, and scratches and scuffs marring the top surfaces.

CLICK through the images to see for yourself some of the astonishing transformations that CGR can make to your worn, damaged or defaced wood.

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“Case goods items that were 7 years old…CASE GOODS REFINISHING gave us a new lease on their life.”

Kevin Brockway
General Manager, Hilton Savannah DeSoto

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